Industry Briefings - Help

This page provides details on how to access and use the platform.

Industry Briefings Single Sign on Access
Access to the Industry Briefings platform requires a universal account that will allow access to all events and consultations posted.
Any attempt to access an event or consultation will redirect back to the login/register page should you not be logged in.

How to register for an account
Registration can be completed here:
Registration requires an active email address and a secure password.

Password Requirements
Please make sure your password is at least six characters and includes one or more of each of the following: lower-case letter, upper-case letter, number, punctuation mark.

How do I login?
Login is available here:
Login requires the email address and password you input as part of the registration process.
Enter these details and click ‘Login’, upon successful login, you will be redirected to the homepage. You now have full access to all events and consultations posted.

I have forgotten my password, how do I login?
Head to the link ‘Reset my password’ found to the bottom right of the main login form, or click here.
Enter the email address you registered with, upon successful verification, you will be sent an email containing a reset link. The email should arrive within 30 minutes, and will be from ‘[email protected]’.
The reset link may only be used/opened once, do not refresh or navigate away from the page before entering a new password as this will invalidate the link and the process will have to be started again.

How do I manage my details and change my password?
You can manage your account using the ‘Manage my account’ button found on the main homepage, or via the ‘Manage my account’ link at the bottom of all other pages.

How do I logout?
You can logout at any time, using the ‘Logout’ button found on the main menu and at the bottom of the page, or via the logout icon.

I haven’t found what I’m looking for and still need help
Please contact [email protected] further assistance.